So here we go!!

Connections. It’s all about connecting with others, how do you connect? Or do you? A simple smile, nod or thank you may seem simplistic to some, monumental gestures to others. It’s the tipping of the hat that gets noticed. Do you think there’s enough of that getting around these days? Subjective I guess, depending on who’s giving and who’s receiving, level of reception on that day and other triggers which inspire even noticing these acts of simple kindness. Gotta say tho’, people remember. Pass it forward, you would be surprised what good things come out of it. It’s tough tho’ giving that nod, that hat tip online for people to notice. Aside from the ‘likes’ and ‘follows’, where’s the level of sincerity? That thing that says it was really meant and not just an exchange of technical clickables, a thank you for a thank you. Online currency is used for many reasons in many different environments. What sets you apart from the others, really truly letting them know you’re connected in it’s truest sense or as true as this digital platform can express? Whichever way you choose to acknowledge an act of kindness, inspire one or aspire to better at it, it’s a step towards connecting, networking, creating those relationships which keep us alive and well. Never change.


3 responses to “So here we go!!

  1. i love what you wrote So so true

  2. What a wonderful start to a new and exciting venture. A truly genuine and integral fresh idea. I am really looking forward to seeing how wonderful this is going to be. Good people, good friends, great discussions. Let’s set sail.

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