when too much pie is just too much pie

So yesterday was another one of those days where the planets aligned.  Too many people to water and feed both newcomers and old pots pulled out of the cupboard.  Everyone wants a piece.  So you find yourself giving time to one person, then to another and then sure enough, that cafeteria lineup starts and trays of cubed green jello and soggy open faced sandwiches are seen for miles.  Social burnout is just one handshake, one nod away.   When do we say enough and do we?  I mean we can turn down that million calorie dessert but when is it ok to take a breather, a break?  It’s always ok.  Disconnection is just as important as connection.  There is nothing wrong with giving your audience the focused attention they deserve, when you’re ready. Taj mahal style shout outs are dated, lack honesty and true integrity.  Again focus.  Close one curtain and open another.  Relevance will accomplish the goal whatever that goal may be in that moment.  Never feel the need to do everything always, accommodating ant farm after ant farm.  Just because everyone else is doing something and everything, don’t add to the noise.  Plan, script then follow through.  It will take you a long way.  


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