rushing to the social hydrant

So there’s always somewhere to go, somewhere to be.  Claim stake or be left in the dust.  We rush to those fire hydrants like a pack of NYC rat dwellers letting others know where we’ve been and possibly where we’re going.  Then we move on.   What’s it all about?  Smartphones and communication devices are adorned in ridiculously expensive accoutrements, much like luggage.  Gucci vs Walmart.  Ever stand and wonder what could possibly be in those pieces of luggage hugging those airport conveyor belts?  Beware of all things tressed in sparkles and silver foiled cupcake leaves.  I miss the days of my 2 pounder cellphone begging and pleading with the universe for a signal through it’s hand crafted paper clip gently poking my coat pocket.  

Warning: device dependence is on the rise.  Addiction centres and programs coming soon.  Yes, we need devices to communicate but don’t let that little hunk of junk take you hostage.   When was the last time you actually dialled that thing to talk.  To listen.  To share.  We’re all guilty of the digital pacification methods we use to buy us more time, censor our thoughts.  If  it weren’t for that backspace button, I’d be alone in life.  Verbal reactionary conversation is a rare species and will become endangered if we’re not careful.  
Engagement.  Make sure it’s real.  Make it meaningful.  The scheduled ‘like’ button click race is wearing people thin.  We’re forgetting how to engage in meaningful ways.  Think long term.  Quick hits of inhalations through plastic tubes never last.   We’re here to shape our fortresses so shape them.  Use that device of choice to break ground, to transport each brick and slab.  That fortress needs to be solid so make it built to last.

One response to “rushing to the social hydrant

  1. Krista Negenman

    Well articulated. I like that you can take a fairly aggressive position but finish with a positive, encouraging point of view. And I’m not just sayin’ that. Great article.

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