Hop on hop off the social grid


Oh holiday season, every year I let you take me hostage.  Every media stream gets hijacked and next thing you know, we’re all drunk on punch.  The social media spider jar has been knocked over and all things holiday are crawling like crazy.  I think I may become anti-social for a bit, the drunk won’t go away anytime soon and wait, is that a big ugly snow covered hangover I see in my future?  If I drop off the social grid for a bit will people think I’m dead?  Or maybe completely off my rocker?  Here’s the thing, I really don’t care.  We’re too concerned with what others think.  Treat social networking like a hop on hop off London bus and don’t worry about it.


3 responses to “Hop on hop off the social grid

  1. Insightful and as always, i come away thinking.

  2. This is so true. I think people need to take a break from the social grid for our own health an well being. We love our friends, and they know we do, and taking a break of not spending morning, noon, and night on that grid doesn’t mean we don’t care, it means there are other aspects of our lives besides farmville and collecting clever sayings and cute photographs. While that is neat and everything, there is more to life then sitting behind a monitor and plugging into droolville. There are real things to do out there, and real air to breath.

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