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Break Free From Social Media If You Need To!


I was recently asked by a bartender as I was ordering a cold pint of Creemore what I thought social media meant exactly.  The question seemed odd, actually let me rephrase, the timing was odd.  I never really did get to answer him, as quickly as the question reached my auditory canals mr. bartender was being summoned from across the bar by a patron clearly on the verge of shrivel if they didn’t throw a G & T down the hatch and fast.  Mr. bartender scurried away to grab the order.  I thought about how I would’ve answered and unfortunately my answer seems to have been dipped in thick molasses rolled in cotton sprayed with veneer.  Social media is all things confusing and life sucking for some and for others it’s a relaxing walk down a pier somewhere in Cape Cod or a quick jump into a sprinkler on a hot sticky humid day.  If you’re feeling it’s too overwhelming, time consuming and just a big boring alternative to reading gossip columns, step away from it all.  No one will hold it against you.


Social genes…ripped, torn and fading fast.

1botHow social are we really?  Sometimes I wonder, am I really that social? Well I seem to have a healthy helping and heaping spoonfuls of friends that I see on a regular basis.   That I see…hmmm, well I see them on Facebook and on Instagram.  I’ll like their pet cat pictures and enjoy their vitriolic statuses here and there but I think I’m slowly turning into an anime, living through pixels per inch squared.  I think I need to take a break from the school of rock and take classes at the school of how to have conversational speech without the conveniences of backspaces and delete buttons.

Keep your online social networks watered and fed.  They’re fun, they’re an extension of who we are.  Use them to your heart’s content but live beyond pixels and gigabytes. Now that the holidays are over and we’ve entered the big 2-0-1-3, make the majority of your interactions real.

connecting networking rekindling oh my

I’ve decided to pick up the phone and make calls.  Yes actual phone calls to people I haven’t spoken to or seen in ages, maybe even decades.  What are their names again?  Oh who cares.  We shared a locker in high school.  They’ll remember the days of mouldy oranges trapped within the confines of smelly running shoes and old winter sweaters underneath all that metal shelving.  And sharing quick drags off of each other’s cigarettes was a way to connect with the mates to stay cool.  Who are those people again?  I’m blowing the dust off my yearbooks as I type this. Coin collecting is so passé, I want to collect friends.  I’ll use Facebook and frantically start friending, friending…what an odd word.

Seem kind of ridiculous?  Indeed.  Casting a net to rekindle isn’t genuine.  Facebook and all of it’s digital brothers and sisters like Twitter and Linkedin are a great party and they know it.  Find out how you can use them in other ways too tho’.  This may be a cold shower talking but build and nurture an audience to create meaningful dialogue.  Whether these social robots are used to promote the latest bacon cheese fondue recipe, a new litter of kittens or to tell others about a shoe deal for your footwear company, the social fembots are much more than just cats in sweaters.  Let me ask, what do you mainly use Facebook for?